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Concours international d'art pyrotechnique


à l'Hippodrome de Compiègne

Avec le soutien de la ville de Compiègne



Hippodrome de Compiègne


Ouverture des portes à 17h30


de 20h30 à 23h30


5 feux d'artifice - 3h de spectacle

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy my tickets?

Purchase tickets from the website, at the Compiègne tourist office or directly through the usual networks (FNAC and TICKETMASTER).


Can I buy my tickets on site?

No, there is no ticket sale on site, but you can find tickets (if any are available) in the venette shops (Cultura) or in the city center of Compiègne (at the tourism), the same day.

Who can tell me about the Box Office?

For any information, please contact your ticket office directly, (The Hippodrome does not provide any information).

I have a disability, is there a specific ticket?

Yes, a PRM area is reserved inside the racecourse by reservation only  (with 1 accompanying person at the same price)

The PRM ticket includes access to the VIP Parking on presentation of the disability card and the ticket marked with a P.

Is it free for children?

Free for children under 4 years old.  For chairs, free on the knees.

Please note, for children under 4 years old, it is advisable to wear hearing protection to attend the show.  

Which door to follow to enter the site?

Your door is mentioned on your ticket but here is a little reminder:

  • Lawn Cat 2> Door A1

  • Parterre East Chairs> Door A02

  • Parterre Ouest Chairs and Cat 1 Bleachers> Door B

  • Carré Or, Lodges and PMR>  VIP parking


Can I enter freely with all my belongings?

For security reasons bag searches and pat-downs are planned at the entrances to the racetrack.

Coolers, sharp objects, motorcycle helmets, illegal products, alcohol, glass bottles ... are prohibited on the site.

The management reserves the right to modify the conditions of access in any form whatsoever for security reasons.  

Can I bring alcohol?

Alcohol bottles are prohibited, and any intoxicated person will be refused entry.


Are there changing rooms on site?

No, no changing rooms on site, warm clothes are recommended.

As the racecourse is bordered by the forest, the evening humidity can be cool.

I have a lawn ticket, can I bring my folding chair?

No , folding chairs and inflatable armchairs are prohibited throughout the site, seats are available on reservation in the chair category.

For the lawn, we recommend the use of blankets in order to get comfortable in the grass.

Exemption possible for people with reduced mobility but only on presentation of the card  disability .  


Do you offer drinks and food for sale?

Yes, food stands are provided inside 'Hippodrome.

Given the health situation, and until further notice, these instructions apply:

Obligation to present the health pass

Wearing a mask, covering the nose, mouth and chin, is compulsory throughout the site

Waste must be thrown in the bins provided for this purpose.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available throughout the site and in particular at the entrance doors, on the stands and in the toilets.

As this is a large gathering, downloading the "Tous Anti-covid" application is strongly recommended.

We rely on government directives as they are updated.



The organization is particularly keen to respect the Compiègne racecourse and its surroundings, be responsible and use the containers provided for this purpose. Do not throw anything on the ground!



Our animal friends are not allowed on the site.



The competition will take place even in case of rain, no postponement is planned. Only a wind higher than 54 km / h will be a reason for cancellation.  




During the evening 5 members of the public will have the opportunity to join the jury composed of 7 personalities.

Registrations will take place on site from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The drawing of lots for the members of the general public jury will take place at 8 p.m., followed by the competition from 8:30 p.m.

Please note, only the person selected at random will be able to join the Jury. She may be accompanied for the award ceremony.


1.1 - In accordance with article L 221-28 of the Consumer Code, tickets for shows are not subject to a right of withdrawal. All orders are firm and final.


The purchaser of the ticket will not be able to obtain reimbursement for his ticket in the event of refusal of access for non-validity or non-presentation of the “ health pass ”, for whatever reason.

1.2 - Before going to the show, the customer is invited to ensure that the show or event is maintained on the site

Come to "Les Masters de Feu"

How to come ?

By car> A1 from Lille exit 10 - from Paris A1 exit 9

Carpooling> Oise With Mobility >> Rens eignements here


Where to park

  • Indigo Compiègne Gare car park 2.9 km away - 29 min walk from the racecourse

  • Parking Indigo Compiègne Oise, 20 Rue de Clermont, 2.3 km - 28 min walk from the racecourse

  • Indigo Compiègne Center car park, 13 Rue de Bouvines, 2.1 km - 26 min walk from the racecourse

  • Parking Capucins, Rue des Capucins, 2 km - 25 min walk from the racecourse

  • Parking Général Leclerc, Rue du Général Leclerc, 1.9 km - 23 min walk from the racecourse

  • Vinci Park, Passage du Marché aux Herbes, 1.9 km - 23 min walk from the racecourse

  • Indigo Compiègne Marché car park, Rue des 3 Barbeaux, 1.8 km - 22 min walk from the racecourse

  • Indigo Compiègne Solférino car park, 9 Rue de Harlay, 2 km - 24 min walk from the racecourse

  • Change car park, Place du Change, 1.7 km - 21 min walk from the racecourse

  • General de Gaulle car park, Place du Général de Gaulle, 1.4 km - 16 min walk from the racecourse

  • In the Château car park, near the racecourse (be careful, avenue Baron Roger de Soultrait is completely closed to traffic)

Spaces reserved for parking in the racetrack only with reservation of the gold square and PRM tickets , follow the signs for VIP parking


A parking area is provided for motorhomes at the Guynemer car park from Saturday 17th to Sunday 19th September in the morning.

Guynemer car park, Cours Guynemer, 60200 Compiègne, 1.8 km - 21 min walk from the racecourse.

Are there any shuttles?

No, the shuttles cannot access the traffic lanes to get to the racetrack.

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